Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day When Winter Said Goodbye--By Rick Parise--United States

A Day When Winter Said Goodbye

In the midst of morn she quietly rose
to greet the dawn of silent repose

She searched beyond the frozen hills
and through the bough's of crystal frills

She danced in dream as clouds rolled by
in hopes the sun would pierce the sky

As moments passed nil of light
the wind kicked up with all it's might

In tumbling turmoil the west winds raged
in fluttering beauty to turn the page

Within a breath a single sigh
the Winter wrath had waved goodbye

As sunlight burned of velvet white
upon her face a shaft of light...

Rick Parise, known as “A Pondering Poet”, is from the beautiful land of Salem, Oregon.  The main focus of his poetry is to take the reader to a meaningful, personal time in their lives, to a place where spirit's are touched and memories unwind. He hopes you enjoy his work. To Contact Rick please email him at


  1. Hey, Rick, your poem is very touching and so much has been written about the seasons taking on the identity of woman. I always see winter as a "mean old man" - and perhaps that is because I am not a big fan of "cold", as it were.......... your poem is beautiful and gives winter a wonderful touch of warmth......... Sheri

  2. I think your poem is just what we needed, Rick :)

  3. Touching and enduring. Thank you for sharing, Rick. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (