Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two Lovers-By James Rasmusson--United States

Two Lovers

cheek against cheek
arm over arm
fingers, lips, eyes and hearts meet
as two lovers
born into life's labyrinth
find peace in a friendly niche

James began writing in the 1960’s and immediately showed a love for seasonal, humorous, and philosophical poetry. In the late 70’s, he became an ardent photographer and soon found that the two artistic mediums cross pollinated each other. West Michigan is an art Mecca with over 100 galleries and art camps with Jim residing in the lovely coastal town of Holland, Michigan. A practitioner of Surat Shabd Yoga since 1972, his art is an expression of his lifetime love affair with nature and his quest for truth. James is the winner of many awards in both photography and poetry including the 2005 Shadow Poetry 5th biannual chapbook competition. The artist says he likes to underscore the abstract and tease the mind and be ever alert for juxtapositions that express irony, absurdity, and poignancy, desiring for people to feel both tension and resolution in his compositions.


  1. Dear James, Thank you for sharing once again your talent and your well written romantic poem. I think I might have mentioned it before, I am just a romanticist at heart. I really enjoyed the poem.

  2. Nice one, James. "Two Lovers" is a splendid ode to the kind of love two people are supposed to love one another. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. Beautiful, mystical and totally romantic; super read James.


  4. James, you paint a wonderfully romantic love scene in this grand poem! Love reading your stuff....... Sheri

  5. James, your poem so beautifully expresses what romantic love posesses. You have me viewing the stars! Blessings, Connie