Monday, February 2, 2015

My Swallow--By David Williams--England

My Swallow

I held you as a fledgling, all scrawny and weak
Your mouth wide open gaping for food
Skinny little legs and your head covered in down
Then nurturing you through your early days
To watch you learn how to dip and dive, to
Protect yourself from life’s big cats
Eventually you spread your wings and
Fled the nest to fly gracefully to pastures new…

David Williams was born in England and has resided there all of his life. He started writing poetry at the tender age of 14. He was encouraged to enter a local school poetry contest and went on to win it. In later life, he joined many local poetry groups and writers circles, eventually becoming chairman. He has had 9 poetry books published and is collating material for two more books which will hopefully be out later this year. He holds workshops to help and encourage writers to understand the many different forms of poetry. He has won many contests and is also a recognised poetry judge.


  1. Hi David! This is a lovely and enjoyable poem; you show yourself to be kind and helpful. One tends to get attached to animals in care, but eventually they have to return to their natural habitat....even though they do leave a void behind! // paul

  2. Nice one, David. Very nice. I love nature and the way you shared this story through poetry. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. David, I loved your story poem, full of compassion for God's little creatures. Thank you for sharing your well written poem.

  4. enjoyed reading this today David lots of emotion ad imagery..'

  5. I love this poetry and your expression, I know your words come from your heart. Nature is so beautiful and that little Swallow is just a small part of the big pattern Mother Nature has provided for us to marvel over...Rhoda

  6. I can see that tiny bird/child mature into a very strong bird/human and be able to fly away on its own..Sara