Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moral Lesson--By Erich J. Goller--United States

Moral Lesson

A Mother was preparing pancakes for her
son Kevin 5 and Ryan 3 years old.
The boys began to argue over who would
get the first pancake.
Their Mother saw the opportunity for a
moral lesson.
“ If Jesus were sitting here, He would say,
let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait”

Kevin turned to his younger brother and said,
Ryan, you be Jesus!”

Erich J. Goller was born in Vienna, Austria. A close world war two survivor, in 1955, he immigrated to California, where he made his living as a mechanic and as an actor. He been married for 56 years, has one daughter and one son. He is a published author of seven books. He now resides In Nashville, Tennessee, still loves to write, also enjoys doing art work. His web site, www.poetvienna.com


  1. Thanks for the smiles Erich. Great lesson here also!

  2. Upon reading this Erich, at the end I said 'Oh, nooooo'. What a wonderful posting. You and your writing are the best...Rhoda

  3. Erich, I absolutely loved your fun poem. It is nice to end my day with smiles. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers.

  4. I am sure even Jesus; is smiling at this one Erich..' and I think; He'll think, there was nothing else for it I had to save such as these..'

  5. Lol. Love it. Nice one, Erich. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and giving me a nice chuckle. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  6. A wonderful poem, I cannot help but smile, children are indeed amazing. It was a pleasure to read Erich. Blessings sent with love, Leokadia (Lee)