Sunday, February 15, 2015

Haiku--By Robert P. Hansen--United States

lotus position
rhythmic breathing exercise
searching for nothing

spring thaw
ice jam breaking
recycled tears

rays of sunlight
capturing dust motes

tiny stream of smoke
rising up from the bushes
a broken promise

Robert P. Hansen teaches philosophy courses at a community college. In addition to poetry, he also writes genre fiction. His recent eBook publications include a free Story Sampler (14 stories from his collections), The Golden Key (Book 3 of his Angus the Mage fantasy series), and 2014: A Year of Poetry. For more information on his writing and where to find what he has published, visit his blog at:


  1. Robert, thank you for sharing your Haiku. Very interesting and well written. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Hi Charlene,
    Oooh, that dreadful word "interesting...."
    Just kidding! I'm learning how to write haiku, so I'll take anything at this point. :-) My philosophical mindset (abstract rational thought / logic) is an impediment for the concrete nature of the haiku, so I felt a sense of accomplishment when Karen decided to publish these.

  3. Wow, Robert! A wonderful quad of Haiku! I love Haiku the conventional way or other ways, as I have found within this site - there are many ways to write them! Well done! Sheri

  4. Hi Robert! I love haiku, and I can tell you with honesty that I enjoyed this whole string which you put on offering. All the best. // paul

  5. Wow. Nice work, Robert. I enjoyed your haiku, especially that second one. That is very powerful. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  6. Hi all!

    Thanks for the encouraging comments! It is really helpful to have the feedback from haiku lovers, since I am beginning to understand that it's a different sort of poem than the ones I usually write. Maurice's comment in particular highlights that struggle, since the second haiku is probably the closest to a traditional haiku in substance and (to me) the most "alien" one. :-)

  7. These are all amazing, making me think about so many aspects of nature and thought. How much I love being outside, in spite of allergies, for example.