Sunday, February 22, 2015

Haibun for Papa--By Carl "Papa" Palmer--United States

Haibun for Papa

Unable to remember what happened yesterday, recall a name, date or telephone number, he will tell again and again every embarrassing detail of an event that happened twenty years ago.

stories about mommy
when she was young
grand girls laugh

Carl "Papa" Palmer, retired Army, retired FAA, now just plain retired, lives in University Place, Washington. He has seven chapbooks and a contest winning poem riding buses somewhere in Seattle. Carl has been nominated for the Micro Award and Pushcart Prize.

MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever


  1. nice haibun - that's what happens...

  2. Carl, thank you for sharing your talent with this well written Haibun.

  3. Hi Carl, Nice work. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. So sad, this poem, Carl, and yet the beauty of the memory overpowers that certain sadness. The reasons are overwhelming, of course, but the effects of the lovely and inspiring memory touch the heart. Sheri

    1. She Sta, I think you took my words... This really is deep, and sad.

  5. The age of time visited on one - an inevitable price for those of us who will live long - is shown here and the memory lost, kept and relived, is well captured. Nice lines and quite touching.