Friday, February 13, 2015

The Red Dachshund Pup--By Sara Kendrick--United States

The Red Dachshund Pup

As a pup she sailed through the air
Jumping from chair to chair
An eagle's elegant poise void
Just a thud 'pon the air

Those short legs carried her swiftly
As her chest drug the ground
Most all small furry creatures drew
A bristle and grrrr sound

Her red coat matched her fiery growl
As enemies she faced
Until that brave cat stood her ground
And a red dachshund chased

The moral of this story is
Don't get all bristled up
You might meet your match dear friend
In a small dachshund pup

Sara Kendrick married young and had a family soon after. After her last child went to school, she decided to pursue her GED. A gentlemen who worked with the GED program encouraged her to enroll in college.  She worked part time and cared for her family in addition to her studies. She graduated from Mercer University. Several years ago, after a health crisis, she started writing poetry. 


  1. Dear Sara, what a delightful poem! I enjoyed it very much and thought it fun to read. Thank you for once again sharing your talent.
    Love, Charlene

  2. Enjoyed reading about the young daksi's escapades here Sara

  3. Hi Sara. I enjoyed reading your delightful poem. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing it with us! ~Chris

  4. Warm and beautiful, Sara. I have really enjoyed "The Red Dachshund." Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. Thank you, Eleanor Michael, for the following--

    Cute. We once had a red dachshund puppy. He cut his teeth on our rosebushes. Disliked dry food. Begged for bits of children's hot dogs.


  6. Thank you, John Williams, for the following--

    Your message is so close to my heart...funny creatures are loving, and can certainly stand their ground when they face enemies. I have a cat who stands up to anything that's not friendly--sharp claws and teeth.