Thursday, February 26, 2015

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Michael Todd and Nicole Neal--United States

Remember (Mimi's Song)

By Michael Todd and Nicole Neal

I think I'd like to look back, but not sure how far I need to go.
To a place in time, you were just mine, that's all I needed to know.

What got in the way, perfect plans we made, just to roll with the flow.
For a time, you were the light of my life. Didn't we bask in the glow?

Remember a time, our greatest obstacle was being too young, some said?
Maybe, they knew then what we could not see, facing a long road ahead.

I only saw pride and passion as what mattered in those days, instead
You were the means to a perfect end, maybe my sense of reason fled.

Remembering, as if yesterday, moments of being more than just anything.
We had so much to overcome. The goal stayed clear, always to that you cling.

Should it matter that we went as far as we did, a stone's throw away from eternity.
Yet for all that we put into this, it was harder than it ever had to be.

I never asked you why this ended. It almost seemed of little concern.
Maybe we were meant for more than what we had, lessons still yet to learn.

Could we not have stayed in this long forgotten dream, a queen to a king?
As your smile faded, I was left to watch you fly away, like a bird on the wing.

We couldn't prove them wrong, just once. That would have been too hard.
Instead, we folded at the bend, at last chance to hold all the cards.

I am no longer sure it was the right thing to do, letting you go that way.
You were left with no choice but to walk out of my life, nothing left to say.

No more perfect life to live, even as such. Without you, I'll move on.
To pretend you were never there, makes remembering harder. When you're gone.


  1. Hey, guys, this format of couplets is wonderful, emotional and very expressive, flowing clear through to the ending. Love can certainly be many, many realms, sort of like a puzzle of mirrors, and, yet, you two expressed a certain part of it exceptionally well! Good job! Sheri

    1. Sheri... We have written most of our poetry together as couplets. I used to stay with that, then stepped across a line and did not return, until this past week. I have to say, it felt like a cinch was loosened... Glad you enjoyed this poem.

  2. Dear Michael and Nicole,

    It's good to see this lovely comment on your poem by Sheri. She is so good about leaving insightful comments. Welcome to Whispers Nicole! I hope you enjoy your time spent here and consider sharing an individual poem some time soon. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful poem for our online journal.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello, Karen... I cannot tell you how happy I am to get to share some time in rhyme with Nicole. She is one of the few writers who ever put up with me for a long period of time. Writing with her is a blast...

      Oh, and just between you and my, my nickname for her is... Mimi. :)

  3. Michael and Nicole,
    A great poem. Welcome to Whispers, Nicole!
    David Fox

    1. Thanks a million for stopping by, David. It is greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you, David Austin, for the following--

    Michael and Nicole have done a good job of covering all the aspects of hind sight. Congrats to them on a fine piece. Love, Dave

    1. David, we have hindsight down to a veritable science. Thanks for visiting and for your insightful overview, Sir.

  5. Thanks for sharing your collaborative poem Michael & Nicole. Love is so complex & sometimes leaves many questions unanswered! Good job! ~Chris

    1. Thank you, Christine... Love poems are the best. I mean, win or lose, if we have something real in the game, those feelings never really evade us.

    2. Thank you, Michael and Nicole, for your wonderful collaboration. I enjoyed it. Continued blessings!

      -MJ (

    3. Thank you, Maurice, for visiting.

  6. Michael, you always choose great writers to collab with and Nicole is one of the best! Great write = Great read!

  7. A wonderful expression of love in lingering undertones of heartfelt missing. We love, we learn...and sometimes we have to live without. Looking back in painful retrospect means there was indeed something special.