Monday, June 25, 2018

a bench in the woods--By James Marshall Goff--United States

a bench in the woods

a fine mist quiets the forest floor,

an acorn drops from above,
                                                   with a thud

a crisp oak leaf spirals,
                                            gently to the ground

a burbling brook,
                                   feeds it's trout

in a while, my heart joins in

 .... and worries drift away

James Marshall Goff brings a fresh voice from Minnesota, from the crashing waves of Lake Superior, to the drumbeat in his heart for social justice. His wish is for the reader to feel free to float above his poems, joining him in a dance of possibilities, celebrating the joy of love.


  1. I loed this piece James, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  2. very nice observations - I feel like I'm there

  3. A wonderful road map to a place of resolve, James. Well done.

  4. I enjoyed this James,
    Gave me the feeling of watching driftwood float all nightmares
    Knight Writer