Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Special Feature Translation Poem—By Claudia Messelodi—Italy


By Claudia Messelodi

Ti vedo lontana e sfuggente all’orizzonte
la barriera dei miei dolori che non sa cedere
di grani di sabbia e gocce di sale sei tu
mentre evapori tra gli interminabili giorni
del mio sentire…
Tento di afferrarti
sei vuoto, non ti prendo
sempre ad un passo distante, oltre -
sostanza pura dentro me
riempi e plasmi
territori e confini persi
nella durezza delle ore
che inesorabili e fragili si rincorrono,
accarezzi il cuore e lo accompagni
ad ogni suo battito.
Presenza in un tempo che sfuma
tra i campi della notte
e si fa carezza
di un’alba che ci prende per mano
e apre un varco
in quel pezzo di cielo triste;
poi di porpora ci fa cenno
mentre strette ce ne andiamo via, altrove.



I see you so distant and fleeing on the horizon
the barrier of my pains that cannot give in;
of grains of sand and drops of salt you are
while you vanish through the endless days
of my emotions...
I try to reach you
you are the void, I cannot catch you
always a foot away, beyond -
pure substance inside of me
you fill and shape
lost territories and borders
in the toughness of the hours
that relentless and fragile chase each other,
you caress my heart and accompany it
with every single beat.
Presence in a time 
across the fields of the night
and becoming 
the soft touch of a dawn 
that takes us by the hand
and opens a breach
in that piece of sad sky;
then, clothed in purple, it waves at us 
as we walk away, close together,


  1. Enigmatic, beautifully spoken. Thank you, Claudia.

  2. Claudia,
    Wonderfully written! Great job!'
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  3. Dear Claudia,

    Though I can't read it, the Italian version sings to me, a bittersweet melody. The translation made me understand that impression. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem.

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you Inge for your lovely comment and for all your help and support,

  5. a lovely poem, & it looks so beautiful in Italian

  6. Wow! This is beautiful, Claudia. It's the type of poetry that makes one want to read and re-read. Both versions are pleasurable, but the Italian one has a distinctive beauty of its own. Regards // paul

  7. I thank you so much Paul for you appreciation and for such uplifting words! Warmest,

  8. Bilingual poems always attract me! Italian I can piece out from other languages I know, even though I never studied it formally. And the English is superb. Brava, bella!

  9. Grazie mille Arthur! Un caro saluto

  10. Nice poem, Claudia. I enjoyed the translations. Thank you for sharing it. Continued blessings!


  11. Very enjoyed by me read Claudia.
    Knight Writer