Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thank You for Being My Son--By James Keane--United States

Thank You for Being My Son (Excerpt)
Barely a child,
you had nothing to say about it
all those years ago. It was never
your decision to make. But where
there was no family, you made one.

Thank you for being my son.

The first word we heard from you,
hanging by your fingers outside
the crib you couldn’t sleep in (and
never did) was “Mama!” And later
the second word, and the third, I
heard when I came upon you, peddling
with furious joy in the driveway,
were one and the same when you
saw me, coming home to my family:
“Daddy! Daddy!”

Thank you for being my son.

James Keane's previous Whispers’ published poem, "Apology" (March, 2018), was awarded Third Place at the 2018 St. Catherine of Bologna Photography, Art and Poetry Exhibition, held annually in Ringwood, New Jersey USA.


  1. James,
    A beautiful tribute to your son. Greet job.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  2. touching & loving words indeed

    1. Thank you, Jack. And thank you for your amazing contribution to Whispers.

  3. Love your poem - very touching
    Caryl Calsyn

    1. Thank you, Caryl. A Facebook friend told me I should have issued a tissue warning with the poem.

  4. Dear James
    Thanks for being my son relates to me as a real tear jerker
    Thanks for taking me on the tour
    Knight Writer