Friday, June 22, 2018

How?--By Yancy Dalton--United States

How? (sonnet)

Embryo creators wish on a star
Dilemma of amnesia from afar
Children of God, human mortals they are
Adopt filth of man's scientific jar 10

Former existence hidden from their view
In a human body which is brand new 
Now able to enjoy, the taste of stew
Plus everything else the top creators do

This is all a part of mankind's progress 
So he advances into being his best
God's setup for individual zest
Those who are humble, can & will be blest

Some kneel, pray in faith to our God above
To gain ways of being his kind of love

Yancy Dalton grew up on a cattle ranch riding, roping, and branding calves. He started writing poetry after college, church mission, and marriage.  When he first started writing online, the name "Yancy" was often taken for a girl's name. So, he made up a pen name to progress as a poet called "Knight Writer."


  1. lovely thoughts here, Yancy - ha ha, I've just read about your pen name, Knight Writer, instead of Yancy & have to admit, I wasn't initially sure if your unusual name was for a man or a lady (but I think it's a very nice name!)

    1. Thanks Jack, a long time ago, I use to comment on every ones poetry on Shadow poetry & poetry for thought. I called them
      Knight Writer notew.
      Knight Writer

    2. Knight Writer,
      A beautiful sonnet. I loved reading it!

  2. Interesting. A tale of hope. Thanks for sharing. Pat

    1. Thanks Pat,
      I am learnig to respect the sonnet a lot
      Knight Writer

  3. An interesting and intriguing write, Yancy. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!


    1. Thanks Maurice,
      I am new at s\Sonnits but really like them
      Knight Writer