Saturday, October 4, 2014

Joie de-vi-vre--By Beth Winchcombe--England

Joie de-vi-vre

Mine eyes see the beauty of the earth.
My heart radiates love and warmth
to fellow human beings!

I smell the aroma of honeysuckle,
lavender, growing wild in hedgerows.

I feel harsh winds blow upon my face,
burning sun on my body,
granules of sand between my toes...
cooled by waves lapping the seashore!

I breathe deeply, sucking in the atmosphere.
Draining away tension and fear!

The greatest gift of life,
is giving unconditional love.
Friendship means everything to me,
I aim to give angelic purity...

Faith and hope join together,
helping to face stormy weather,
blinding as in a rainbow!

God gave us speech... spread the written word.

Beth Winchcombe is now a retired housewife and enjoys writing poetry, also painting in oils.  She lives in Derbyshire, England.


  1. A very unique style of writing and such a pure joy to read, Beth. Your words define the "reasons" and what it means to write them down and to share them. Very creative! Sheri /

  2. Beth, I enjoyed your well written poem, creative and unique, a "rainbow" of lovely thoughts.. Thank you for sharing your talent here on Whispers.
    Love, Charlene

  3. I realy love your poem.

  4. beautiful write here, Owlie, full of the joy of living - just like you!

  5. Amen Beth. hope you are keeping ok. What an incredible beautiful write. the standard of your writing is top class, and inspiring. Yes Jesus told us to spread the word, People today need it more than ever. Thank you so much for sharing. loved it. warm best wishes. Pete..

  6. Heartfelt poem. Thanks for sharing your lovely inspiration Beth...~Chris

  7. Well written. Poetic. Moving. Nice job, Beth. Very nice poem and reflection. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (