Sunday, October 19, 2014

Whirlwind--By Robert P. Hansen--United States


A whirlwind twisted through the streets
and settled in a lonesome heart;
It’s rhythmic thrum of hungry lust—
a need so strong it surely must
be sated!—whirred a hectic beat,

a frantic beat, a needful beat
that could not be denied. Her heart
was stymied, twisted by the blustery

until it lay in tatters, hurt
beyond imagining—a hurt
so deep it left a mark that lasted
months and years. Her heart was lost—
until she felt the kicking feet
                          of a whirlwind….

Robert P. Hansen teaches philosophy and ethics at a community college, and he is currently finishing the second book of a fantasy series. His other three novels and collections of his poetry and short stories are currently available as e-books through various online retailers. For details, visit his blog at:


  1. I can see the fantasy writer coming out in this strong poem.

  2. Hello, Robert, I attempted to contempt a couple of times, trying again. I love your metaphor and beautiful poem. I can also see your imagination running wild in a calm and lovely setting and how just the words just flow! Sheri /

  3. Thank you, Robert Defresne, for the following--

    The phenomenon of life love loss and hope are meshed into this well written poem.

    Nice one Robert!

    Bob D

  4. I like how you word and illustrate this, Robert. I also like the style and format. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (