Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sweet Butterfly--Terry O’Leary--France

Sweet Butterfly

Sweet Butterfly, with wings now dry 'tis time to break away
and light upon the leaves of dawn while weeping willows sway,
not reminisce 'bout chrysalis discarded yesterday,
but treasure life, with colors rife in nature's cabaret.

Sweet Butterfly, I've heard you sigh "terrene so strange and new"
but take a chance, with winged expanse of fairy-like bijou,
to taste delight in random flight, to drift beyond the blue
and then collect her pearly nectar, sipped like morning dew.

Sweet Butterfly, you question why the breeze is seldom soft
when swirling you, your wings askew, while floating free aloft.
Some seem to find their peace of mind believing gods have coughed,
but others, downed, have often found more freedom when they've scoffed.

Sweet Butterfly, you needn't cry, the fields are full of clover,
like meadowlands of braided strands in winds and waves that wove her -
but if you fear that, more than here, the other side is mauver,
just flutter by, behind the sky, unfettered flitting rover.

Sweet Butterfly, farewell, goodbye, you've left the world behind.
We now look back along the track of flowers that you've mined
recalling days of light sashays and movements unconfined
that complement the firmament where beauty lies enshrined.

Terry O’Leary defines himself as "A physicist lacking gravity...".


  1. Dear Terry,
    I like this poem.
    I loved watching the sweet Butterfly and am sad it has gone.

    1. Thank you, Frances. They are indeed beautiful, and it's truly sad when they're gone... but they always return!!

  2. Terry, your poem is so beautiful--your words so soft. We all resemble
    that Butterfly in a lot of ways--Thank you-----Mary

    1. Thank you, Mary.
      Yes, all life is precious and has its commonalities throughout!

  3. Hi, Terry! Love your poem so thorough in its 14 syllable count, from which you've not strayed! Love the butterfly, too! They are so graceful and beautiful and your poem is so eloquent in their behalf! You may think you are "lacking in gravity" - but you are filled with heart and soul! Always pure joy reading you! Sheri / www.poetryandbeyond.net

    1. Thank you for all the kind words, Sheri!!
      Yes, the butterfly is a splendid creature!!

  4. WOW! I really loved this well written beautiful poem. I enjoyed the read that is so rhythmic and fairly flows from one line right into the next. This in my opinion is such pure talent that I am anxious to read more of your poetry.
    Sincerely, Charlene

    1. Thank you, Charlene!!
      I'm happy you like my poem. I never know whether I will write another one, until it is written... ;-))
      Karen certainly gives us incentive to try the next!!!

  5. Oh, I am in awe. In awe of the majesty of the butterfly, so eloquently woven in the words of this poem. Nice job, Terry. Very nice indeed. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

    1. Thank you, Maurice!!
      As I've written above, the butterfly is a magnificent creature... more beautiful than words can describe!!

  6. Terry,
    Love your poem. Butterflies are such wonderful and delicate creatures!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  7. wonderful write, as always from you, Terry. Thoughtful and beautiful. Have a wonderful week, my friend

  8. Thank you, Linda Hurdwell, for the following--

    Just lovely.