Sunday, October 19, 2014

River Laps Softly--By Robert Lindley--United States

River Laps Softly

The ripples of water lap river's edge
quietly I sit, a man seeking love
The orange twilight stirs my lonely soul
nearby, the moan of a single dove

Sweetest place, roaring river churns
fish splashing about in a soft replay
Continuance as the world slowly turns
colors splash endings to a wonderful day

The smell of fish, water and mud
cool air spreading its soft relief
Comfort given to stop anger in my blood
as nature’s gifts, a most calming belief

Soon its quiet, knowledge enters my soul
Victory came because I made it so

Robert Lindley is poet from the Southern USA. He has been writing poetry since 1969. Robert writes with the intent to offer others words to enjoy and with high hopes he may inspire and brighten lives in some way.


  1. What a lovely word painting here, Robert. What a beautiful moment in time edged in your memory and now in your super word painting! Very nice! Sheri

  2. This is a captivating picture that you draw in this lovely sonnet, Robert. You give it life by colorful imagery. Well done. // paul

  3. Hi Robert. I loved reading "River Laps Softly," especially that last verse. Nice work. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Robert,

    Enjoyed the calmness of the work..Very descriptive and expressive lines..