Saturday, October 18, 2014

With Wide Ears--By Keith O. J. Hunt--Canada

With Wide Ears

Listen to the wind.....
as she sings in her quiet lisps,
and sighs the past and gusts
with earnest need;

Listen to the tenets of the seasons
with their lovelies and tempests ----
and torrents and great rains
become blizzards,
then hushed and bequeathed sings the morrow;
and buds the leaf and the harvests
shall feed all in need

Listen to the tenuous hum and drum of mortal bars
crying out 'neath thy starry night....
when the world is weary in the City of Lights;
and the last dog has barked before bed.....
and the crickets with Godspeed ascend their chatter
in the last tumult of the day,

Keith O. J. Hunt is a Classic-Romantic poet who generally prefers the older styles which he finds the greatest way to express his thoughts. He loves people, nature, spirituality and all things beautiful. Keith lives in Ottawa, Canada and has been writing poetry for 15 yrs.


  1. Hi, Keith! Your poem is so beautiful and resonates with such depth - if we were only to "listen"! The sounds of life and nature are so beautiful and so unique, each one, that how dare we miss a sound? When they flow is beautifully balanced the world is at peace and harmoniously amazing! How blessed am I read you here on this Whispers venue today! Sheri /

  2. Keith,
    Good poem. We can gather so much just by listening, in this case to the sounds of nature.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  3. 'When the last dog has barked before bed...Listen' Love this

  4. Thank you, Robert Defresne, for the following--

    Well written, artistic and reflects the beauty, talent,fullness, and command of the language which is obviously within. An awesome poem. The best. Congrats to you on this in my book, masterpiece, Keith. Lovely.

  5. Thank you, Linda Hurdwell, for the following--

    Very nice especially this, “Sings in her quiet lisps.”

  6. Nice one, Keith. Very poetic and illustrated. Loved it. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (