Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Dad, the Soldier--By Celine Rose Mariotti--United States

My Dad, the Soldier
(In Memory of Peter J. Mariotti)

My Dad, he was an old soldier,
He always talked about the Korean War
Though time had passed by,
His memories of battles he was in,
Were always with him,
He often spoke of buddies he fought with,
The friends he left behind,
Of how he was wounded in Taegu,
My Dad never forgot,
Though our government did,
Korea was often called “The Forgotten War”
But my Dad and others like him,
Remembered their time at war,
Though he is gone now,
Up in Heaven with the angels,
His time being a soldier,
Lives on,
In the many stories he told us,
And the hero we knew he was.

Celine Rose Mariotti is an accomplished writer whose work has appeared in magazines all over the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and India. Some of those magazines include: Green’s Magazine, Poet’s Review, Poet’s Art, Tombigbee, Hindu Young World, Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Stars Magazine, Pablo Lennis, Coffee Ground Breakfast, Pink Chameleon and many more. She has had six books published. She plays the guitar and banjo; has her own home business and lives with her family in Shelton,CT.


  1. Celine, your poem is very touching to me and very sad, too. I was just messaging with a friend about the heroes who stand up to defend their countries and what they give up to do so. Perhaps, they don't really realize just how their lives will change if they survive, but that isn't relevant to the fact they are all heroes and how dare we put them on the back burner, for any reason! I write this very adamantly and am so proud to read your dedication to your father. He is an angel amongst angels now but you have a beautiful dedication to him and it must make him so proud to read your inner thoughts. May his soul rest in peace my friend. I could write on and on............ Sheri / www.poetryandbeyond.net

  2. Celine, Now your Dad is a Soldier in Heaven with wings that honor all he has fought for--What an amazing
    Man! Mary

  3. Dear Celine,

    I find this very touching too.

  4. Celine thank you for sharing this well written, poignant poem in memory of your Dad. You are so right, the stories will live on in your memory. Thank you for sharing your talent and love for your Dad.
    Love, Charlene .

  5. Very touching and endearing poem, Celine. I thoroughly enjoyed every line and verse of it. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  6. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following--

    I appreciated the sentiments, respect and love with which you wrote this tribute to your Dad, Celine. Thank you for sharing about his time in the "forgotten war" and the hero you all know he was. God bless.

    Bob D

  7. Thank you, Celine, for the following--

    I am so honored and touched by everyone's comments on my poem "My Dad, the Soldier". If he were here, he would want to thank you too. I know wherever he is in Heaven, he must see me and maybe he's reading all my work like he did when he was here on Earth. Your comments made my day today when I read them. Thank you all so much.

    Celine Rose Mariotti