Friday, April 15, 2016

From the Archives—Featuring Maralee Gerke

It is a joy to travel back into our Whispers’ archives and read gems from past issues.  When I reached, “If You’re Lucky,” I knew this was the one for this month’s feature.  I have written about titles before and their importance.  Today, our skilled writer, Maralee Gerke, lured me in with hers. In the first three stanzas, Maralee treats us to quiet peace of shared moments, using multi-sense imagery.  With the single line fourth stanza, I felt there was going to be change. Our poetry friend uses this line to give us pause, to prepare for what’s ahead and gave me the sense that the message was about to be delivered. Maralee’s last two stanzas are shared with a bit of mystic—the loss—the time for healing.  This poem is an artistic experience.  Congratulations Maralee!


Karen O’Leary—Whispers’ Editor


If You’re Lucky
(Previously Published at Whispers
April 13, 2013)

By Maralee Gerke

you share the same
favorite star;
you know- the brightest one
in the center of Orion’s belt

or sit side by side
barefoot in the sand
watching waves break
on an empty beach

walk through a dusty
marketplace, holding hands,
laughing, eating figs, wrapping
yourself in vermilion silk

And if you’re very lucky

you can hold the
wounded half of your soul
in trembling arms
until it can no longer stay.

Then release it
like the whitest dove to soar,
while you, rooted to the earth
stand and watch it go.


  1. Beautiful poem. Thoughtful and surprising imagery.
    Congratulations on being featured here at Whispers. Sincerely, SuZ

  2. Hi Maralee,
    This is such a beautiful poem,and the images you use to create the poem are memorable. Thank you for posting this lovely poem.

  3. Congratulations, Maralee, the ending is masterful!

  4. Maralee,
    This a great poem. Thanks to Karen for digging into the archives to find this gem!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  5. Maralee
    I especially like:
    "You can hold
    the wounded half of your soul"
    Excellent poem.
    Thank you.

  6. It's a gentle poem that seems to wrap substantial pain in a lyrical exterior. Or do I read that second half differently to the author's intent?

  7. Enjoying all the layers to this piece. Daring to be happy. Beautiful. Best wishes Ralph.

  8. I remember this one..I enjoyed reading it again..Sara

  9. This is truly beautiful, all the way through, but it's the final 2 stanzas that completely won me over, Maralee! Regards ... paul

  10. This is very hauntingly beautiful. I must thank you for making my day.