Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reflections--By George Ellison--England


Looking out across the wine dark sea
I watch the full moon rise before me
Reflections rippling in the moon glow
Then I reflect on all I have come to know

All these many years we’ve evolved non-stop 
From simpler times to where we’re fit to drop
So now I reflect in this quiet solitude
On this bench by the sea deciding what to do

Such beauty there is for us to behold
If we can just slow down, put life on hold
Take time out to survey the wonderful view
Reflect on the way you go, what you see and then do

We have but one life to live to the full
Our daily exertions I know they forever pull
But take a step back decide on your directions
Then in all good time you’ll have time for reflections

George L. Ellison is a writer of poetry and short stories. He has published three books called Poetic Reminiscences, Weaving Words and Reflections. George lives with his wife and dogs in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham in England. He is a member of The Writers and Poetry Alliance and owner of Poetry and short story ink.  George has a Facebook Author page and is currently working on various projects as well as learning to play the saxophone at the Sage Gateshead!


  1. Wow, George. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing the rich truthfulness of "Reflections." I enjoyed reading it. Continued blessings!


  2. As you might have gathered this is the title poem of my third book and I Thank you for your kind comments they are very much appreciated!...George

  3. An interesting poem gives one something to reflect on