Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Memories--By Virginia Johe--(In Memory 1911-2011)--United States


Walking down the back road
    of my life
Trying to cope with
    sorrow and strife
I lost someone precious
     a short time ago
now the days of lost
        their special glow
I hear his voice and
    see his smile
as I trudge along
    each lonely mile
I know he is telling me
    all will be fine
And I feel the touch of
    his hand on mine
We had our golden moments
    that slipped by so fast
Now my heart is trying
    to forever make them last

From her Granddaughter Nila Webster--Virginia Johe (1911-2011) lost her husband in 1980.  With the encouragement of her daughter, jani johe webster, Virginia began to write poetry to process her grief.  This poem was written shortly after Virginia's husband died.  Until the end of her life, she continued to write him notes and refer to him as "my honey."  Her poem is a testimony to grief and courage.


  1. Emotionally touching. Such a tender and passionate poem. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing it and continued blssings!