Saturday, April 9, 2016

SASE--By Robert P. Hansen--United States


it returns
the hope is strong
the heart is resilient
and optimism

Robert P. Hansen teaches philosophy courses at a community college and writes poetry and genre fiction in his spare time. His most recent publications include 2015: A Year of PoetryExploitation and Other Stories, and Angst (Book 4 of his Angus the Mage fantasy series). Visit his blog ( for samples of his writing (including the full text of Book 1 of his Angus the Mage series) and links to eBook retailers who sell his work. 


  1. Robert,
    A good poem. With so many companies switching to on-line only content, the SASE isn't worth very much. I, as a print editor, however, prefer them. Unfortunately, I also charge a fee, contact me at the address listed for my publication (The Poet's Art) if you need more info.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox