Sunday, April 17, 2016

From My View…--By Martha Magenta--England

From My View…

The face of love is an open flower
that greets the morning sun.
It is the wind that chases leaves
around in circles just for fun.

The face of love is the shining moon
in the dark blue, star-flecked sky.
It is sun-kissed leaves in spring,
and the fledgling learning to fly.

The face of love is rain on the earth,
the stillness of lakes, a subtle breeze
like a butterfly's wing;
the song of blackbirds in the trees.

The face of love is the long lost child;
the heart that yearns for years,
to hold, to care, to love the face
remembered now through gentle tears.

Martha Magenta is a poet who resides in England. Her poems focus on a wide variety of topics and issues including: love, loss, inner discovery, spirituality, Buddhism, and meditation, environment abuse, and violence against women. Recently, she has begun to write haiku. A number of her poems and haiku have been published in online journals. Her other activities include: organic gardening, herbalism, and aromatherapy.


  1. Martha,
    Some great comparisons "from the face of love". This is a truly beautiful, ethereal poem! Welcome to Whispers and I hope you post more of your poems!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. Dear Martha,

    It's good to see you already have some wonderful thoughts from David. Welcome to Whispers! It was a pleasure to publish your heartfelt poem, rich in imagery. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  3. You provide images perfect, as only a visionary can successfully do.

  4. Hello Martha. Welcome to Whispers and thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. Continued blessings to you!