Monday, April 4, 2016

You Can't Fool A Poem--By Judy Moskowitz--United States

You Can't Fool A Poem

Did you think I wouldn't find you
Hiding inside pro-nouns
Sliding between phrases
Trying to tenderize your meat
You can't fool a poem
When your back is turned
It will expose you in its ink
Fully dressed within the margins
Of cleverness and rhyme
You can't fool a poem
Once the ink has dried

Judy Moskowitz is a professional jazz pianist originally from N.Y.C. now residing in Florida.  She started writing poetry three years ago and has recently been published.   Her poems will be in an anthology book by Michael Lee Johnson.   She has also been published by Thepoetrycommunity and Indiana Voice Journal for the May edition. Music is in her veins alongside poetry.


  1. Once or twice a year, I will read a poem, and wish I had written it. Such is the case here. This piece is brilliant.

  2. Another wonderful piece! Thank you Judy!

  3. Judy, your poem is a present reminder of why I enjoy being a part of Whispers. I always find inspiration, fun, and knowledge in each poet that shares, and then every-so-often, I come across a poem that just touches me everywhere. Thank you for sharing your unique and fun poem, "You Can't Fool A Poem." Continued blessings to you!

    -MJ (