Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Strange--By Yvonne Sparkes--England

How Strange
How strange, a fall of snow, can bring you peace,
Now all is quiet and  noise is at last deceased.
Aesthetic to the eye this virgin snow,
On fallen leaves and the drifting flow.

Each tree adorned with gowns of white,
So beautiful and a comely sight.
The birds flit by, intruders to the scene,
My very own ethereal dream.

Frozen tears, jewels formed on high.
Pristine snowflakes meet my eager eyes.
I`m standing still to capture all I see,
To drink in this beauty, there in front of me.

So much joy the seasons give the heart,
When one begins, another must depart,
But all this beauty, ever lives with time,
And finds its home, within my feeble rhyme.

Born on Feb. 27, 1940 in Barkingside, Essex, England, Yvonne Sparkes, immigrated to New York in April, 1948 with her parents.  She now resides in Chelmsford, Essex and has two sons.  She has a book published by Cyberwit called Captured Images. A writer for many years, Yvonne has been published in Israel, Germany, France, Australia, America, and Britain.  She has read her poetry in public at Church and Knockout Competitions. Her hobbies are travel, the arts, reading, hiking, taking her Scottish Terrier for walks, and spending time with family and friends.


  1. There is certainly nothing feeble about this rhyme Yvonne. I loved the serenity instilled in your imagery as I let the beauty melt into me! What a diamond this poem is! Love, Connie

  2. You have a beautiful picture with your words, Thank you for sharing this.